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What people have said:

"Stephen Spitalny's workshop was fun, enlightening and possibly the most practical workshop on "Waldorf"-style parenting I've ever been to. Three hours flew by. This was a great event!! He draws from three sources: Waldorf education, Nonviolent Communication, and RIE for ideas about HOW *NOT* TO FUEL RESISTANCE (tantrums, melt-downs, violent behavior, etc.) IN

YOUNG CHILDREN. He shared ideas for what parents can do so that young children will motivate *themselves* rather than us prodding them. I've been passing his solutions along. Parents do not want to fight their children.  Stephen shows you how do deal with kids not wanting to share, pushing and shoving, refusing, etc. The world will be at peace when parents and educators come from inner peace as he describes."

"Steve’s presence and suggestions were inspiring. He became part of the group in such a relaxed way. We especially appreciated his humor, and his ability to connect with the children."

"Steve’s work in the kindergarten attracted the children - to look and to try and do. It was inspiring that he tried to lead the adults, both teachers and parents, to make their own decisions."

"In the parent talk, I appreciated how you made people look at their own patterns. The things you said are inspiring to me personally."

"Steve is a kind, warm-hearted man who creates a magical atmosphere for his children. Add to that a depth of wisdom that comes from mastering the art of connecting with and gently guiding children."

"I’ve heard that many of the parents who enroll in Steve’s kindergarten ask themselves “what would Steve do” when dealing with a challenging situation with their kids.  We are grateful for Steve’s support and glad that our son had the opportunity to learn and grow in Steve’s kindergarten."


Workshops and Courses


Workshops and Courses

*Practical Activities with Young Children

*Storytelling and Storymaking

*Folk and Fairy Tales for Young Children

*Circle Time

*Working with Children with Special Needs

*The Senses and Sense Development

*Developing/Working with the Will

*Connecting With Young Children

*Communicating with the Young Child

*Introduction to Waldorf Early Childhood and Kindergarten Programs

*Celebrating Inclusive Festivals

*Making Wooden Toys

*Woodworking with Young Children

 *Spiritual Parenting/Mindful Parenting

*Creative Discipline

*Conscious Parenting

*The Senses as the Windows to Connection with the World

*The World of the Young Child

*Walking, Speaking and Thinking as Foundational Human Capacities

*Beyond Sticks and Carrots

*Nurturing Imagination Through Creative Play

*Circle Time with Young Children

*Inner Work/Self Development for teachers and parents

*The Art of Child Study

*Cultural Diversity and Waldorf Education - Inclusiveness as a Practice





Steve offers one-on one consulting, coaching and mentoring for parents and teachers in person and via phone and internet. 

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