Steve's Books on Early Childhood

Books by other authors


A Guide to Child Health 

 Michaela Glöckler and Wolfgang Goebel

Nokken, A Garden for Children - Helle Heckmann

Phases of Childhood; Growing in Body, Soul and Spirit                                                                                        Bernard Lievegoed

Last Child in the Woods; Saving our Children From 

        Nature- Deficit Disorder - Richard Louv

The Challenge of the Will 

           Margret Meyerkort and Rudy Lissau

Biomental Child Development - Frank John Ninivaggi, M.D.

A Child’s Work; the Importance of Fantasy Play

                Vivian Gussin Paley

Simplicity Parenting - Kim John Payne

Nonviolent Communication; A Language of Life

                      Marshall Rosenberg

The 7 O'Clock Bedtime: Early to Bed, Early to Rise, Makes a 

          Child Healthy, Playful and Wise - Inda Schaenen

The First Seven Years: The Physiology of Childhood

                  Edmund Schoorel

Living Joyfully With Children - Win and Bill Sweet

Only You - RosemaryWells

Discovering Joy in Parenting: The First Seven Years

                  Cindy Brooks and Joya Birns

Parenting with Spirit -  Cindy Brooks and Joya Birns