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I am an early childhood consultant and writer and I offer lectures, workshops and mentoring around the world. Teachers and parents alike rave about their experiences and want me back for more!

Here is a song I recorded with a few friends. RISE UP

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I write Chamakanda Blogs which gives support for teachers and parents in connecting with and understanding young children. You might benefit by subscibing.

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I was a kindergarten teacher at the Santa Cruz (California) Waldorf School for 24 years. My mixed-age kindergarten included children from 3-years-old until they were ready for first grade. Since the mid-1990's, I have given workshops, lectures and courses on many themes for various institutions and groups around the U.S. including Rudolf Steiner College and various schools in Indonesia and China. For the past 8 years I've been on the faculty of WISC(Waldorf Institute of Southern California). I'm a former Board member of WECAN (Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America) as well as former editor of Gateways, the bi-annual newsletter of WECAN, and my many articles have been published in Gateways and various other publications. My first book, Connecting With Young Children: Educating the Will, was published in 2011. Conscious Parenting: A Guide to Living with Young Children and What's the Story: Storytelling as a Path Toward Living Happily Ever After were published in 2015.

I am available for teacher and parent mentoring and coaching, as well as workshops, lectures and courses on various themes including:

Connecting With Young Children
Spiritual Parenting/Mindful Parenting
Creative Discipline
Conscious Parenting
Storytelling and Storymaking as Nourishment for the Young Child
The Senses as the Windows to Connection with the World
The World of the Young Child
Walking, Speaking and Thinking
Beyond Sticks and Carrots
Nurturing Imagination Through Creative Play
Circle Time with Young Children
Inner Work/Self Development for teachers and parents
Child Study
Cultural Diversity and Waldorf Education - Inclusiveness as a Practice

Steve SpitalnyCheck out this interview with me from The Wonder of Childhood


 "Chamakanda was a very good friend to the children." 

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