Stephen Spitalny's workshop was fun, enlightening and possibly the most practical workshop on "Waldorf"-style parenting I've ever been to. Three hours flew by. This was a great event!! He draws from three sources: Waldorf education, Nonviolent Communication, and RIE for ideas about HOW *NOT* TO FUEL RESISTANCE (tantrums, melt-downs, violent behavior, etc.) IN YOUNG CHILDREN. He shared ideas for what parents can do so that young children will motivate *themselves* rather than us prodding them. I've been passing his solutions along. Parents do not want to fight their children.  Stephen shows you how do deal with kids not wanting to share, pushing and shoving, refusing, etc. The world will be at peace when parents and educators come from inner peace as he describes.  - Joan Jaeckel (blogging at WHOLE.ORG)

"Steve’s presence and suggestions were inspiring. He became part of the group in such a relaxed way. We especially appreciated his humor, and his ability to connect with the children."

"I really enjoyed the workshop and got a lot from it especially in terms of strategies to deal with not "reacting" but rather "responding" to my daughter."

"I will definitely be recommending this workshop as it was very informative and I'm enjoying reading Steve's book as well."

Steve provides workshops and mentoring that supports excellence in education. I invite you to treat your community to Steve’s workshop and mentoring offerings. You will find his approach to be informative, uplifting and deeply supportive. You will also enjoy his storytelling and great sense of humor. His book, Connecting with Young Children: Educating the Will, is a great gift to early childhood educators and parents. I have been involved with Waldorf education for over 20 years. Steve’s book is a must read as it reflects his knowledgeable and abundant first hand experience working with children, parents and faculty. - Julia Capocelli, kindergarten Teacher

Stephen is an inspiring and entertaining presenter who embodies the ideals of wholesome living with a caring philosophy in everything he teaches.  He is an endless source of guidance, dialogue and resources for the students who are seeking to become more skilled in the art of supporting young children in their learning process.  He is direct, real and honest and very much appreciated by the students in our program.  We are happy to have him as one of our lead teachers in early childhood education. When Stephen Spitalny teaches the people in our program who are preparing to become Waldorf teachers he brings a practical, common sense approach that is thoroughly and expressively grounded in anthroposophy.  Stephen expresses an authenticity that results from his substantial experience in the art of kindergarten teaching (over 20 years at the Santa Cruz Waldorf School) as well as his writing of articles on early childhood education, and 12 years as editor of Gateways, biannual newsletter of WECAN, the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America. Stephen encourages students of early childhood education to strive for objectivity and empathy when observing children, and when working with parents.  He advises against relying on labels instead of receptively trying to gain understanding of the individual child. - Alex Houghton and Jean Brousseau, WISC (Waldorf Institute of Southern California) Coordinators

"This workshop was incredibly useful. I felt like I got what I had been missing.”

“Steve is calm and reassuring and brought his wisdom to us in a gentle and patient way.”

“I so appreciated the depth that Steve brought in speaking about connection with the young child. I love that he truly encourages all to ask why?”

 Steve gave a workshop on "Nurturing Imagination Through Creative Play" for us in August 2013. As a background information, we, Indonesian-people in Bandung, know very little, if any, about Rudolf Steiner or Waldorf education. Yet, Steve presented the core important points about early childhood education in simple language, making it easy for us to digest his messages. His presentation was culturally informed and very appropriate, he touched on our ways of living and/or traditions that shapes our children in a way that we might not like, without making us feel "wrong", but still inspiring us to make adjustments and do better and mend the mistakes. He let us see what and how things we do everyday may influence the children from a different light, and provided us with more guidance on how to act on our new knowledge. Everyone left the workshop feeling content, as if we know what to do next, and how to do it, and hopeful that with that we will be able to help children grow as they should. That shows how rich, gentle and inspiring his workshop is. - Manda Wellang, Bandung, Java, Indonesia

It is no wonder that Steve Spitalny is a highly sought out lecturer and adult educator; to hear him speak about children, parenting, Waldorf Education and a myriad of other topics is both a treat and a great nourishment. As a master Waldorf Kindergarten teacher his observations of and experiences with children as well as study of Anthroposophy and Waldorf Education have developed in to a deep pool of knowledge in regards to child development, parenting, education, storytelling and beyond. As a leader of workshops and teacher training sessions, Steve brings his wisdom and experience to budding teachers and emerging programs in a manner that beckons participants to engage their will and create their own path of working and creative thinking. Attendees of any Steve Spitalny led function are sure to go out in to the world inspired, enlivened and in possession of practical tools for communicating, relating and simply being present with adults and children. - Richard Corbal, Kindergarten Teacher, Santa Cruz Waldorf School

Steve is a seasoned educator, well-spoken and inspiring on the subject of connecting with young children. That being said, his truest talent may be connecting with adults--also known as grown-up children. I have been to two workshops with Steve, and one was more compelling than the next. Steve is able to engage large audiences with humor, authenticity and thoughtful, well-planned lectures. His experience and observation of children in his own classroom and around the globe is invaluable to anyone connected to children, not to be missed! Best of all, Steve is playful--kindergarten teachers should smile, and that he does! Betsy at Playgroup Los Angeles

Steve Spitalny was my daughter's kindergarten teacher. We learned so much about parenting from him. This particular workshop was especially valuable in learning how to hear children's needs and respond in a way that nurtures them. I highly recommend it! - Lara Triona